Tuesday, 5 November 2013

"When was the last time you did SOMETHING for the first time?"
I love this quote!
I can't tell you the source I'm afraid, as I can't remember where I saw it.
But I decided that for my birthday each year I would do exactly that. Do something I had never done before and would like to try.!
Last year my family bought me a rally driving experience, which was great fun. My father always used to joke that I should be a rally driver. Can't imagine why!!!
Just as well that I didn't take it up though as I proved to be rubbish, but it was great fun and the instructor was VERY patient.
This year I wanted to go gliding but then I found something that appealed much more. Gliding can wait until another time.
SO I went on an OWL PHOTOGRAPHY session
 at The Hawking centre in Kent.
 I was in my element!!!
I mentioned in my profile that I like owl related things. Well this was an amazing experience.

These are a few of the  photos that I took of the beautiful Great Grey Owl. What a majestic creature. It was perfectly relaxed and 'what a poser!'


I took hundreds of photos  . Didn't quite master the flying  ones but I'll just have to go back and have another practise!!
Thanks for stopping by.
Some owl related crafting to follow.
Carole x


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