Friday, 27 March 2015

Metal embossed book cover

                   Hello to anyone reading this and thank you for visiting.

Two post in under a week!!  That must be a record for me!
I had a sudden urge to get my metal out again, something I haven't done for a while.

It started with a notebook I had lying around which I decided to make it a little more exciting to look at.

 So it started off looking like this...

 Rather boring.
After several hours and much contemplating it now looks like this...
 and the back...
I used metal tape laid over various die cut shapes , the tape was just the right width for the book, which was convenient.
It was then worked to make the shapes show up well  and extra texture was added to the blank areas.
The raised flowers were embossed using a stencil, and stuck on afterwards when the paint had dried.
Little nailheads completed the centres of the flowers.
I really enjoyed making this as it is a long while since I've made something for myself, and I shall enjoy looking at it every time I use the notebook.
I have actually started using it too, which is unusual for me.  I have quite a few blank books, but can never bear to start writing in them.
 Just one of my little quirks!!
Hope you enjoyed visiting.
Bye for now

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Birthday Card


Today I am showing a birthday card that I made recently for my mother in law, who was 101 years old!

Although I have quite a few dies, I rarely seem to use them, so I'm trying to make a little more effort to do so.

This is  a slightly different take on the flower pot card, so it involved cutting various flower shapes and putting them together.

The dies are a lovely Heartfelt creation set I have, and the label is a Spellbinders.


I was in a bit of a rush to finish it, as usual, and couldn't find anything more interesting to put in the centres of the flowers, so used glitter glue, which was not ideal , I feel!
Buttons of some kind may have looked better.

                                                        Thanks for visiting.