Saturday, 8 February 2014

100th Birthday card

A century old!!  Wow!!

We had a very special event in the family this week, as we celebrated my mother-in-laws  100th birthday.

I pondered for ages as to what type of card I would make, but decided I liked the format of one I posted previously, which I did as a wedding card.

                            I have used:
       Spellbinders - background die
                         Heartfelt Creations - Stamps and die cuts
  Artcuts - lazer cut butterfly
Distress inkpad - Peacock 

The etched heart above is from Artcuts and I have lightly inked around the edge.The family all signed their names on the back as a memento of the day.

Unfortunately my mother-in-law managed to fall at home, the day before her birthday, and broke her hip, so she spent her special day in hospital. Having had an operation the day before she was a bit "spaced out" and we are not sure whether she really recognized some of us.  She looked surprisingly well all things considered.
Ten members of the family all piled down the hospital and as she was in a room on her own, the ward let us all go in together and we had a little party with cake and tea. All the cards were opened, but pride of place, of course,  was the card from the queen, which she showed everyone who passed.

The staff were great and made her balloons and a special birthday hat and bought cup cakes for her.
She got lots of attention from everyone which she liked, of course.

Not the ideal way to spend your 100th birthday and she was most annoyed that her party had to be cancelled, but we shall have that celebration when she gets out of hospital.

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  1. Love the flowers and pretty design Carole. I do love the colour too, one of my favourites. I had to make a card for my friend's Dad, who was 100 on the 10th January. He was the gardener at the convent school I went to, when I moved to London in 1955!! Small world. Hugs, Carol S.xx


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